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OK1IBP - about me

My name is Jindra (Henry, Heinrich). I was born in 1951 and amateur radio is my big hobby since 1969. I got my first licence as OK1IBP in year 1973. I work only in KV bands and my 99% of QSOs are CW mode. My wife and CW is my big love.
I have CFM QSOs with about 300 countries in all continents. All QSOs I made only with basic antenas as windom, GP, vertical and with PA power max. 100W.

My USA trips

Photogallery of my USA visit. I have visit USA states from south to north. Pictures from National parks in California, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Colorado and New Mexico.

My QSL gallery

Here is show of few my QSL cards from all world.

My own QSL card

Look here to my QSL cards.

My workplace

Look where I am working.

My last 10 QSOs and log search

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